Release Notes

We are always working on new features and improvements for Buttons X to keep your site and your business at the top. In this section, you can find information on each and every update we created during the lifetime of Buttons X.

DateVersionFeaturesFiles Changed
January 2, 20161.9.55

1. Added: Wistia popover videos.
2. Fixed: Google font weight for primary and secondary text.

1. btnsx.php
2. includes/class.btnsx.php
3. assets/js/admin/views.js
4. assets/js/admin/views.min.js
5. assets/js/public/btnsx.js

December 19, 20161.9.54

1. Fixed: Background hover image load delay.
2. Fixed: Custom CSS field. Now, "#btnsx-preview-btn" id should be used to add custom CSS.

1. btnsx.php
2. includes/class.btnsx.php

December 7, 20161.9.53

1. Added: Text align option for Primary Text.
2. Added: New link type option "URL Unescaped" so that encoded URL's can be used.
3. Fixed: Custom menu links not showing in preview when switching between WordPress menu and Custom menu links.
4. Fixed: Menu as dropdown option always visible.
5. Fixed: Background image load delay on button hover.
6. Fixed: Packs and Tags taxonomy.
7. Fixed: Iframe not working.

1. btnsx.php
2. includes/class.btnsx.php
3. assets/js/admin/views.js
4. assets/js/admin/views.min.js
5. builders/composer/map/btnsx.php

November 6, 20161.9.521. Fixed: Dropdown menu not showing up after updating to v1.9.51.

1. btnsx.php
2. includes/class.btnsx.php

October 30, 20161.9.51

1. Added: Custom button dropdown menu links.
2. Fixed: Button link on woocommerce product page.
3. Fixed: Compatibility with Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer.
4. Fixed: Responsive primary text font size option for mobile.

1. includes/class.btnsx.php
2. assets/css/admin/admin.css
3. assets/css/admin/admin.min.css
4. assets/css/common/button.css
5. assets/css/public/button.min.css
6. assets/js/admin/views.js
7. assets/js/admin/views.min.js
8. btnsx.php

July 27, 20161.9.50

1. Added: Beaver Builder support.
2. Added: Formidable Forms support.
3. Added: Option to display button only on some particular posts/pages.
4. Improved: Single button options for Visual Composer.
5. Improved: Custom CSS field.
6. Fixed: Custom CSS class override not working if override style option is not selected.
7. Fixed: Font weight text values like 'bold' not working.
8. Fixed: Activation error on older PHP.

1. btnsx.php
2. builders/beaver-builder [NEW]
3. builders/composer/map/btnsx.php
4. includes/class.btnsx.form.php
5. includes/class.btnsx.php
6. assets/js/admin/views.js
7. assets/js/admin/views.min.js

July 14, 20161.9.42

1. Added: Two new link options, previous post and next post.
2. Fixed: ACF script conflict.

1. includes/class.btnsx.php
2. btnsx.php

July 01, 20161.9.41

1. Fixed: Button not appearing in Visual Composer if Visual Composer is integrated into a theme.
2. Fixed: Button dropdown container expanding to full width.
3. Fixed: Morphing button closing automatically.

1. builders/composer/mappings.php
2. assets/css/common/button.css
3. assets/js/public/btnsx.js

June 29, 20161.9.4

1. Fixed: Text color not working for tablet and mobile view in preview.
2. Fixed: Empty space in purchase code field by default.
3. Fixed: Animation classes being added after button is imported from Buttons X lite to Buttons X.
4. Fixed: URL escaping.
5. Fixed: Secondary text font family not working.
6. Fixed: Google fonts loaded multiple times.

1. assets/js/admin/views.js
2. assets/js/admin/views.min.js
3. includes/class.btnsx.php
4. assets/js/public/btnsx.js

June 13, 20161.9.3

1. Added: Support for Optin Monster.
2. Added: Override style for Jetpack Subscribe widget button.
3. Added: Two new background options: Background Repeat and Background Position.
4. Added: Now you can add buttons to WooCommerce archive/shop pages.
5. Added: New link type "WooCommerce - Add To Cart - Auto ID" for automatically fetching the product ID.
6. Improvement: Override styles CSS improved.
7. Fixed: Ninja Popup bug.
8. Fixed: Preview background color overflowing from preview container.
9. Fixed: GT ShortCodes scripts conflict.
10. Fixed: Dropdown button remains open inside header when used with Layers Theme.
11. Fixed: Javascript bug that prevented from loading the button edit screen on some installs.
12. Fixed: Firefox not rendering buttons properly with some themes.
13. Fixed: Icon animating only once on frontend.
14. Fixed: Icon image hover not working.

1. includes/class.external.plugins.php
2. includes/class.btnsx.php
3. assets/css/common/button.css
4. assets/css/public/button.min.css
5. assets/js/admin/views.js
6. assets/js/admin/views.min.js
7. assets/js/admin/admin.js
8. assets/js/admin/admin.min.js
9. includes/class.woo.php
10. assets/js/public/btnsx.js

May 4, 20161.9.1
  1. Fixed: Select option fields not appearing.
  2. Fixed: System fonts not working.
  1. assets/js/admin/admin.js
  2. assets/js/admin/admin.min.js
  3. assets/js/admin/views.js
  4. assets/js/admin/views.min.js
May 4, 20161.9.0
  1. Added: Responsive style control.
  2. Added: Buffer app share link type.
  3. Added: Email button link.
  4. Added: Print button link.
  5. Added: Skype Call, Skype Chat and Skype Video Call button links.
  6. Added: SMS button link.
  7. Added: Telephone button link.
  8. Added: Whatsapp Share button link.
  9. Improvement: Font Awesome updated to v4.6.1.
  10. Fixed: Layered Popups popup list MYSQL query.
  11. Fixed: Secondary text font weight and style not working after saving button.
  12. Fixed: CSS font-weight property.
  13. Fixed: WP Video Lightbox Youtube related video not hiding when using &rel=0 with video ID.
  1. includes/class.btnsx.php
  2. includes/class.external.plugins.php
  3. assets/css/admin/admin.css
  4. assets/css/admin/admin.min.css
  5. assets/css/common/button.css
  6. assets/css/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.eot
  7. assets/css/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.svg
  8. assets/css/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.ttf
  9. assets/css/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff
  10. assets/css/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff2
  11. assets/css/fonts/FontAwesome.otf
  12. assets/css/public/button.min.css
  13. assets/js/admin/views.js
  14. assets/js/admin/views.min.js
  15. assets/js/public/btnsx.js
  16. btnsx.php
  17. changelog.txt
  18. includes/class.btnsx.counter.php
  19. includes/
  20. includes/class.btnsx.form.php
  21. includes/settings-page.php
April 9, 20161.8.50
  1. Added: 10 new button link options - Google+ share, Reddit share, Delicious share, Digg share, StumbleUpon share, LinkedIn share, Tumblr share, Google Bookmarks share, Newsvine share & Evernote share.
  2. Fixed: "Edd straight to gateway" link option typo.
  3. Fixed: Tumblr social counter bug.
  4. Fixed: LinkedIn profile URL bug. Changed "User ID" to "User Profile URL" in LinkedIn social counter settings.
  5. Fixed: Iframe width and height options gets hidden when link type is changed.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  2. /includes/class.btnsx.counter.php
  3. /includes/settings-page.php
  4. /assets/admin/js/views.js
  5. /assets/admin/js/views.min.js
April 1, 20161.8.42
  1. Fixed: Custom CSS not appearing when using inline CSS.
  2. Fixed: Divi 2.7 conflict.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
March 26, 20161.8.41
  1. Fixed: Social button bugs.
  1. /assets/js/admin/view-social.js
  2. /btnsx.php
  3. /includes/
  4. /assets/css/admin/admin.css
  5. /assets/css/admin/admin.min.css
  6. /assets/css/common/button.css
  7. /assets/css/public/button.min.css
March 21, 20161.8.4
  1. Added: Custom width and height options for iframe window.
  2. Improvement: Performance improvements.
  3. Fixed: Links not opening in iframe.
  4. Fixed: Plugin update bug.
  5. Fixed: Can't use function return value in write context in ../includes/class.btnsx.counter.php on line 1286.
  6. Fixed: Dual button bugs.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  2. /plugin_update_check.php
  3. /includes/class.btnsx.counter.php
  4. /includes/class.ajax.php
  5. /includes/class.btnsx.dual.php
March 10, 20161.8.3
  1. Fixed: Demo button's "undefined variable" error.
  2. Fixed: "Maximum execution time" error when generating external CSS.
  3. Fixed: "Class BtnsxDual does not exist" error when generating external CSS.
  1. /assets/buttons.json
  2. /includes/class.ajax.php
  3. /includes/class.btnsx.php
February 15, 20161.8.2
  1. Added: Automatic plugin updates.
  2. Fixed: Icon image preview bug.
  3. Fixed: Icon image styling.
  4. Fixed: Icon hover image.
  5. Fixed: Layered Popup option not visible.
  6. Fixed: Layered Popup option causing PopupPress and Ninja Popups to not work properly.
  7. Fixed: Image upload while importing button.
  8. Improved: Moved 'Popup Maker' and 'WP Video Lightbox' to external plugins class.
  9. Improved: Font Awesome updated to version 4.5.0 (latest).
  1. /plugin_update_check.php [NEW]
  2. /assets/js/admin/views.js
  3. /assets/js/admin/views.min.js
  4. /assets/css/admin/admin.css
  5. /assets/css/admin/admin.min.css
  6. /assets/css/common/button.css
  7. /assets/css/public/button.min.css
  8. /includes/class.external.plugins.php
  9. /assets/css/common/button.css
  10. /assets/css/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.eot
  11. /assets/css/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.svg
  12. /assets/css/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.ttf
  13. /assets/css/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff
  14. /assets/css/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff2
  15. /assets/css/fonts/fontawesome.otf
  16. /assets/css/public/button.min.css
  17. /assets/js/public/btnsx.js
  18. /includes/class.btnsx.form.php
  19. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  20. /assets/js/admin/admin.js
  21. /assets/js/admin/admin.min.js
  22. /includes/class.portation.php
February 03, 20161.8.1
  1. Added: Native support for PopupPress plugin.
  2. Added: Native support for Ninja Popups plugin.
  3. Added: Native support for Layered Popups plugin.
  4. Added: New filters 'btnsx_link_tab_fields_filter', 'btnsx_link_options_filter', 'btnsx_output_button_link' & 'btnsx_output_button_link_relationship'.
  5. Improved: Button public styles now loads late to avoid font awesome icons being overriden by some other plugin.
  6. Fixed: Text shadow appearing even when 0 values are set for both horizontal and vertical fields.
  7. Fixed: Changing text shadow colour when creating button not changing text shadow colour in live preview.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  2. /includes/class.external.plugins.php [NEW]
  3. /assets/js/admin/views.js
  4. /assets/js/admin/views.min.js
  5. /assets/js/admin/admin.js
  6. /assets/js/admin/admin.min.js
January 24, 20161.8.0
  1. Added: Buttons support in navigation menu.
  2. Added: Native support for WP Video Lightbox plugin.
  3. Added: Custom class option for single buttons in Visual Composer.
  4. Added: Social Counters in tinymce dropdown.
  5. Added: Button priorities for Content filter in settings.
  6. Improved: Link options for Visual Composer updated and layout section added.
  7. Fixed: Button export conflict with Caldera forms.
  8. Fixed: Preview modals not closing sometimes.
  9. Fixed: Social share link types not working if link target is not iframe.
  10. Fixed: Button full width not working in case fixed width is set.
  11. Fixed: Button wrap center not working in case fixed width is set.
  1. /includes/ [New]
  2. /builders/composer/map/btnsx.php
  3. /assest/js/admin/mce.js
  4. /includes/class.portation.php
  5. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  6. /includes/class.btnsx.dual.php
  7. /assest/css/common/button.css
  8. /assest/css/public/button.min.css
  9. /assest/js/admin/views.js
  10. /assest/js/admin/views.min.js
January 13, 20161.7.9
  1. Fixed: Share buttons appearing on layers slider slides and content widgets.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
January 12, 20161.7.8
  1. Added: 3 new link types - facebook share link, pinterest share link and twitter share link.
  2. Added: New settings tab 'Content Filter' under which you can choose which buttons to show after or before every post, page or custom post types.
  3. Fixed: Default social counters cache time for multisite blogs.
  4. Fixed: Buttons menu appearing for non-admin users.
  5. Fixed: Shadow appearing below buttons with no shadow on 2016 theme.
  6. Fixed: Multiple icons appearing in preview when "Extreme Right" alignment is selected.
  7. Improved: Google font selection.
  8. Improved: Now you can select the type of demo buttons you want to import.
  9. Improved: Button widgets list display order.
  10. Improved: Add-ons and packs data fetch mechanism.
  1. /btnsx.php
  2. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  3. /assets/js/admin/views.js
  4. /assets/js/admin/views.min.js
  5. /includes/class.btnsx.form.php
  6. /includes/class.portation.php
  7. /includes/import-page.php
  8. /includes/class.widget.php
  9. /includes/class.widget.dual.php
  10. /includes/
  11. /includes/
  12. /includes/class.wapi.php
  13. /includes/settings-page.php
January 03, 20161.7.7
  1. Added: Native support for Popup Maker.
  2. Added: Native support for Gravity Forms.
  3. Added: Override button style for Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms and Ninja Forms.
  4. Added: New filters 'btnsx_button_meta_boxes_advanced', 'btnsx_button_meta_boxes_normal' & 'btnsx_button_meta_boxes_side'.
  5. Fixed: Override style duplication. If multiple buttons are used for overriding styles then only the recently created button is considered among them.
  6. Fixed: Dynamic CSS being blocked on SSL enabled websites.
  7. Fixed: Form CPT option displaying only few results.
  8. Fixed: Buttons post type and taxonomies being indexed by search engines.
  9. Fixed: Taxonomies appearing on menu builder page.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  2. /includes/class.btnsx.dual.php
  3. /assets/js/public/btnsx.js
  4. /includes/class.ajax.php
  5. /includes/settings-page.php
  6. /includes/class.btnsx.form.php
  7. /includes/class.btnsx.counter.php
  8. /includes/
December 12, 20151.7.6
  1. Fixed: LinkedIn social button not disabled even if unchecked.
  2. Fixed: Facebook URL field reverting back to default value when 'follow' button type is selected.
  3. Improved: Add-ons and pack pages are now cached and data is fetched only on these pages respectively.
  1. /assets/js/view-social.js
  2. /includes/class.wapi.php
November 28, 20151.7.5
  1. Fixed: Visual Composer deprecated function calls.
  2. Fixed: Single buttons widget getting disabled when dual buttons are disabled.
  3. Fixed: Hover background when overriding WooCommerce button styles.
  4. Fixed: Button import issue on Windows.
  5. Added: Basic social counters support.
  1. /builders/composer/map/btnsx.php
  2. /btnsx.php
  3. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  4. /includes/class.portation.php
  5. /builders/composer/assets/vc_btnsx.css
  6. /includes/class.counters.php [NEW]
  7. /includes/ [NEW]
  8. /assets/css/common/social-counters.css [NEW]
November 10, 20151.7.4
  1. Added: Add-ons page.
  2. Added: Packs page.
  3. Fixed: Box shadow not appearing when horizontal and vertical fields are 0.
  1. /includes/class.wapi.php [NEW]
  2. /assets/js/admin/views.js
  3. /assets/js/admin/views.min.js
November 5, 20151.7.3
  1. Added: 'CPT' select option for form elements.
  2. Added: Control over border sides.
  3. Added: Short code metabox on button edit screen.
  4. Fixed: Dual button meta boxes.
  5. Added: Link override option for dual buttons in visual composer.
  6. Added: New filter 'btnsx_dual_button_preview_args' for dual button preview.
  1. /btnsx.php
  2. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  3. /includes/class.btnsx.form.php
  4. /includes/
  5. /includes/class.btnsx.dual.php
  6. /includes/
  7. /assets/js/admin/views.js
  8. /assets/js/admin/views.min.js
  9. /assets/css/common/button.css
  10. /builders/composer/map/btnsx.php
  11. /includes/class.ajax.php
October 24, 20151.7.2
  1. Fixed: Button 'post / page / custom post type' links.
  2. Fixed: Button text disappearing on small screens.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.form.php
  2. /assets/css/common/button.css
  3. /assets/css/public/button.min.css
October 05, 20151.7.1
  1. Fixed: Dual button 'Force Full Width' option.
  2. Fixed: Dual button border and border radius options.
  1. /assets/css/admin/admin.css
  2. /assets/css/admin/admin.min.css
  3. /assets/css/common/button.css
  4. /assets/css/public/button.min.css
  5. /includes/class.btnsx.dual.php
  6. /includes/class.ajax.php
October 04, 20151.7
  1. Addition: Dual Buttons. Merge two buttons to easily create a dual button.
  2. Addition: Preview option tab now moved to it's own meta box with option to set custom background image and overlay.
  3. Addition: 'All Sides' field for margin, padding and border radius options. This makes it super easy to add same value to top, bottom, left & right fields.
  4. Addition: Support for short codes in text/html widgets.
  5. Improvement: Options navigation now grouped as 'Content', 'Style', 'Advanced' and 'Expert'.
  6. Improvement: Dual and Social buttons can be turned OFF from under 'Settings' > 'General' tab.
  7. Improvement: Cloned button title now suffixed with '[ Clone ]' text to avoid confusions.
  8. Improvement: Icon alignment option improved. Added 'extreme left' and 'extreme right' options.
  9. Improvement: Language files updated.
  10. Improvement: Button accuracy improved. You might need to adjust your buttons slightly.
  11. Improvement: WooCommerce settings now support social and dual buttons.
  12. Fixed: Social button short code generated through short code generator.
  13. Fixed: Button manual import on Firefox.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  2. /includes/class.btnsx.form.php
  3. /includes/
  4. /includes/class.portation.php
  5. /assets/js/admin/admin.js
  6. /assets/js/admin/admin.min.js
  7. /assets/js/admin/views.js
  8. /assets/js/admin/views.min.js
  9. /assets/css/admin/admin.css
  10. /assets/css/admin/admin.min.css
  11. /builders/composer/map/btnsx.php
  12. /builders/composer/assets/vc_btnsx.css
  13. /includes/class.clone.php
  14. /includes/class.portation.php
  15. /includes/class.bulk.actions.php
  16. /includes/class.widget.dual.php [NEW]
September 17, 20151.6
  1. Addition: Now it is super easy to copy values from normal state to hover state and vice-versa.
  2. Addition: Tinymce button to easily insert short codes on post, page and custom posts.
  3. Improvement: Selecting icon font now automatically hides icon image and vice-versa.
  4. Improvement: Now resetting a button require confirmation.
  5. Improvement: Moved some ajax functionality to a new file (class.ajax.php).
  6. Fixed: Error displayed on button edit page when WooCommerce is OFF.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  2. /includes/class.btnsx.form.php
  3. /includes/
  4. /assets/js/admin/views.js
  5. /assets/js/admin/views.min.js
  6. /includes/class.mce.php [NEW]
  7. /assets/js/admin/mce.js [NEW]
  8. /includes/class.ajax.php [NEW]
September 12, 20151.5
  1. Fixed: Analytics code escape.
  2. Fixed: Analytics extension version check.
  3. Fixed: Gradient and Box Shadow collapsibles not opening.
  4. Fixed: Gradient undefined variables error on button output.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  2. /assets/js/admin/admin.js
  3. /assets/js/admin/admin.min.js
September 11, 20151.4
  1. Addition: Add buttons to WooCommerce single product page (5 different places).
  2. Addition: Change WooCommerce checkout page button (experimental feature use with caution).
  3. Addition: Change WooCommerce pay order page button (experimental feature use with caution).
  4. Addition: Link type 'Previous Page' added.
  5. Improvement: Menu icon changed.
  6. Fixed: Icon not appearing on icon selection.
  7. Fixed: Script tag appearing above button even if empty.
  8. Live Composer support dropped. Now Buttons X is Visual Composer exclusive.
  1. /assets/js/admin/admin.js
  2. /assets/js/admin/admin.min.js
  3. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  4. /includes/class.woo.php [NEW]
September 9, 20151.3
  1. Addition: Override all WooCommerce button styles and custom class(es) using a single button.
  2. Addition: Meta tag added for SEO purposes.
  3. Improvement: Removed redundant code.
  4. Improvement: Styles priority increased so that they override other styles.
  5. Fixed: Google font script error when using system fonts on all fronts.
  6. Fixed: LinkedIn script loaded over http rather than https.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  2. /assets/js/admin/admin.js
  3. /assets/js/admin/admin.min.js
  4. /assets/js/admin/views.js
  5. /assets/js/admin/views.min.js
September 7, 20151.2
  1. Addition: Custom JS option added.
  2. Addition: Menu display option has been added. Now you can select whether to display menu on button click or on button hover.
  3. Addition: Switch form field type.
  4. Improvement: Select2 script & style loaded by 'WooCommerce Product Faq Manager' plugin is dequeued on button related pages.
  5. Improvement: Now you can switch ON / OFF social buttons.
  6. Improvement: Tabs UI improved, active tabs are saved when a button or a setting is saved.
  7. Improvement: Button reset functionality improved.
  8. Fixed: Support link on settings page.
  9. Fixed: Google font script error when using system fonts.
  1. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  2. /assets/js/admin/admin.js
  3. /assets/js/admin/admin.min.js
  4. /assets/js/public/btnsx.js
  5. /assets/css/common/button.css
  6. /assets/css/public/button.min.css
  7. /includes/settings-page.php
  8. /btnsx.php
  9. /includes/class.btnsx.form.php
  10. /includes/
  11. /includes/settings-page.php
September 4, 20151.1
  1. Addition: Added button link override options for visual composer.
  2. Addition: Added button text override option for visual composer.
  3. Improvement: Buttons X logo used in Visual Composer brick changed.
  4. Improvement: Latest buttons now appear on top in Visual Composer brick and Live Composer module.
  5. Fixed: WP Query to generate button options in Visual Composer.
  6. Fixed: 'Alternate' spelling on line 1776 in class.btnsx.php.
  7. Fixed: Button preview display when width is defined. Full width option modified accordingly.
  8. Fixed: Icon markup appearing even when icon not selected.
  9. Fixed: Option field ID printed to console when range input field is used.
  10. Fixed: Font Awesome stylesheet loaded by 'Multi-X Bar' plugin is dequeued on button related pages.
  11. Fixed: Gradient CSS generated even when not defined.
  12. Fixed: Box shadow CSS generated even when not defined.
  1. /builders/composer/map/btnsx.php
  2. /builders/composer/assets/logo.png
  3. /builders/live_composer/config.php
  4. /includes/class.btnsx.php
  5. /assets/js/admin/views.js
  6. /assets/js/admin/views.min.js
  7. /assets/js/admin/admin.js
  8. /assets/js/admin/admin.min.js
  9. /assets/js/public/btnsx.js
September 2, 20151.0
  1. Let's rock! (Public Release)
August 22, 20150.3 Beta
  1. Added: Social buttons widget.
  2. Added: Buttons X now supports icon image positioning.
  3. Improvement: Social buttons meta box on edit post now consist of two select boxes for the two display areas - before content & after content.
  4. Improvement: Data validation and sanitisation.
  5. Improvement: Button text now wraps when the space is limited.
  6. Improvement: Default options are now set for each multisite blog when plugin is network activated.
  7. Improvement: Default options are now set when new blog is created (multisite).
  8. Fixed: Error generated on line 62 of
  9. Fixed: Existing button check while importing buttons.
  10. Fixed: Media uploader permission issue.
  11. Fixed: Border bottom right radius on hover.
  12. Fixed: Custom CSS box changing button id to preview button id.
  13. Fixed: Secondary text alignment CSS.Fixed: Removed duplicate secondary text colour CSS.
August 11, 20150.2 Beta
  1. Added: Cache flush for WP Cache, W3TC & WP Super Cache after CSS is generated.
  2. Improvement: Default settings now set on plugin activation if not already set/present.
  3. Improvement: CSS default option now set to 'inline'.
  4. Improvement: Multisite support. Each new site has it's dynamic CSS file.
  5. Improvement: Live preview now floats.
  6. Improvement: Updated admin meta box styles.
  7. Improvement: Renamed 'General' tab to 'Layout' tab. Moved 'Link', 'Margin', 'Padding' & 'CSS' tabs.
  8. Improvement: Buttons X logo now based on font icon.
  9. Fixed: Tooltips not working on social buttons & settings page respectively.
  10. Fixed: Reset settings not resetting to default values.
  11. Fixed: A major bug while importing buttons where button data was not imported completely.
  12. Fixed: 'Reset unsuccessful' when settings are already at default values.
  13. Fixed: Meta box style issues on Firefox.
  14. Fixed: Tab's text font.
  15. Fixed: Range slider alignment issue on Firefox.
  16. Fixed: Multiple opacity selector in colour field when multiple gradients and shadows are added.
  17. Fixed: Firefox empty image / broken image.
  18. Fixed: Border hover not returning to initial / normal state when button is hovered during preview.
July 25, 20150.1 Beta
  1. Beta release