Primary Text

Button primary text related options comes under this tab.

Available Options:

Field LabelField TypeShort Code AttributeDefault ValueAvailable ValuesDescription
TexttexttextButton-Add main button text.
Transformselecttext_transform-capitalize, uppercase, lowercase, inheritThis field controls the capitalization of text.
Font Sizerangetext_font_size21-Add font size in pixels. This will make your primary text bigger or smaller depending up on the value specified.
Font Styleselecttext_font_stylenormalnormal, italic, oblique, inheritSelect font style. This will style your primary text. Normal means as it is, italic means the text will appear slanted, oblique makes the text slanted + bold and inherit will get the style from parent element.
Font Weightselecttext_font_weightnormalnormal, bold, bolder, lighter, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, inheritSelect font weight. This adds weight to text like bold makes the text stronger. 100 is lightest and 900 is boldest.
Font Familyselecttext_font_family-All Google Web FontsSelect font family. Choose from among 100's of Google Web Fonts to style primary text.
Normalcolorpickertext_color_normal#999-Select text color.
Hovercolorpickertext_color_hover#777-Select text color for when button is hovered.
Horizontalrangetext_shadow_horizontal--Add position of the horizontal shadow in pixels.
Verticalrangetext_shadow_vertical--Add position of the vertical shadow in pixels.
Blurrangetext_shadow_blur--Add blur radius in pixels.
Colorcolorpickertext_shadow_color--Pick shadow color.
Toprangetext_padding_top0-Set top padding for primary text.
Bottomrangetext_padding_bottom0-Set bottom padding for primary text.
Leftrangetext_padding_left0-Set left padding for primary text.
Rightrangetext_padding_right0-Set right padding for primary text.