Link related options comes under this tab.

Field LabelField TypeShort Code AttributeDefault ValueAvailable ValuesDescription
Typeselectlink_type-admin_page, back_to_top, edd_checkout, dd_straight_to_gateway, facebook_share, home_page, login, login_redirect_current_page, login_redirect_home_page, login_redirect_custom_page, logout, logout_redirect_current_page, logout_redirect_home_page, logout_redirect_custom_page, lost_password, lost_password_redirect_current_page,  lost_password_redirect_home_page,  lost_password_redirect_custom_page, menu, pinterest_share, popup_maker, post, register, twitter_share, url, woocommerce_add_to_cartChoose the type of link required for the button.
Targetselectlink_target-new_window, same_windowWhere would you like to open the new link? New window or Same Window?
Relationshipselectlink_relationship-(blank), alternate, author, bookmark, help, license, next, nofollow, noreferrer, prefetch, prev, search, tagIt species the relationship between the current document and linked document/resource. Alternate - Links to an alternate version of the document. Author - Links to author of the document. Bookmark - Permanent URL used for bookmarking. Help - Links to a help doument. License - Links to copyright information for the document. Next - The next document in a selection. Nofollow - Links to an unendorsed document, like a paid link. No Referrer - Specifies that the browser should not send a HTTP referer header if the user follows the hyperlink. Prefetch - Specifies that the target document should be cached. Previous - The previous document in a selection. Search - Links to a search tool for the document. Tag - A tag (keyword) for the current document.
EDD Download IDselectlink_edd_id-All EDD downloadsSelect Easy Digital Downloads download ID.
Menu as Dropdownselectlink_menu--Select a menu. These are the menus created under Appearance -> Menu.
Post/Page/CPTselectlink_post--Select a post, page or custom post type.
URLtextlink--Add a custom URL.
Redirect URLtextlink_redirect_url--Only add the last part of the url where you would like to redirect user. If the full URL is then only add /my-page/ in this field. The other part of the URL is computed automatically.
Woocommerce Product IDselectlink_woocommerce_id-All Wocommerce productsSelect a Woocommerce product ID.
Popup Makerselectlink_popup_maker List of all popup's created using Popup Maker plugin.Select a popup.