Secondary Text

Button secondary text related options comes under this tab.

Available Options:

Field LabelField TypeShort Code AttributeDefault ValueAvailable ValuesDescription
Texttexttext_secondary--Add additional text for button.
Transformselecttext_secondary_transform-capitalize, uppercase, lowercase, inheritThis field controls the capitalization of text.
Positionselecttext_secondary_position-same_line, new_lineSelect additonal text position. Put the text on the same line as primary text or move it to a new line.
Alignmentselecttext_secondary_alignment-left, right, centerAlign the additional text as required. Left moves the text to the left of button, right moves the text right of the button and center keeps the text centered.
Font Sizerangetext_secondary_font_size21-Add font size in pixels. This will make your additional text bigger or smaller depending up on the value specified.
Font Styleselecttext_secondary_font_stylenormalnormal, italic, oblique, inheritSelect font style. This will style your additional text. Normal means as it is, italic means the text will appear slanted, oblique makes the text slanted + bold and inherit will get the style from parent element.
Font Weightselecttext_secondary_font_weightnormalnormal, bold, bolder, lighter, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, inheritSelect font weight. This adds weight to text like bold makes the text stronger. 100 is lightest and 900 is boldest.
Font Familyselecttext_secondary_font_family-All Google Web FontsSelect font family. Choose from among 100's of Google Web Fonts to style primary text.
Normalcolorpickertext_secondary_color_normal#999-Select text color.
Hovercolorpickertext_secondary_color_hover#777-Select text color for when button is hovered.
Horizontalrangetext_secondary_shadow_horizontal--Add position of the horizontal shadow in pixels.
Verticalrangetext_secondary_shadow_vertical--Add position of the vertical shadow in pixels.
Blurrangetext_secondary_shadow_blur--Add blur radius in pixels.
Colorcolorpickertext_secondary_shadow_color--Pick shadow color.
Toprangetext_secondary_padding_top0-Set top padding for secondary text.
Bottomrangetext_secondary_padding_bottom0-Set bottom padding for secondary text.
Leftrangetext_secondary_padding_left0-Set left padding for secondary text.
Rightrangetext_secondary_padding_right0-Set right padding for secondary text.